Traditional Real Estate Sales


Before you place an offer, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Register for a Free My Hubzu Account

Only registered users can make offers and buy properties. Registering also allows you to:
  • Watch properties
  • Get instant updates on offer activity
  • Be the first to know when properties are added

2. Visit the Property

Plan a visit to visit to inspect the property. It'll help you make an informed offer.
  • Attend an open house
  • Ask your agent for a showing
  • If you don't have an agent, request a showing by selecting the Visit button on the property's detail page

3. Secure Funding

Look on the property's detail page to see which form of payment the seller will consider. Payment types will vary by property, but most sellers will only consider cash or conventional financing.
  • Cash Only requires you to have proof of available cash or cash equivalent funds
  • Conventional Financing requires a pre-approval and you should be prepared with a written commitment letter from your lender


Within 48 hours of receiving your offer, the seller will let you know if your offer terms are approved.

  • If you use the title provider chosen by the seller, the seller will pay title insurance and search fees
  • Sellers find offers without concessions, such as credits for repairs or closing costs, more desirable


If there are two or more similar offers on a property, the seller may initiate Highest & Best. If you made an offer on the property, you'll receive an email asking you to submit your Highest & Best offer.

  • If you choose not to submit a Highest & Best offer, the seller will consider your most recent offer as your final offer
  • All Highest & Best offers must be submitted on Hubzu within the timeframe established by the seller
  • You can only submit one offer and if you withdraw your offer, you won't get another chance
  • All Hubzu buyers have the opportunity to submit Highest & Best offers
  • The current highest offer on the property details page remains the highest offer submitted before Highest & Best, which allows a level playing field for those who submit final offers
  • Even though Highest & Best is requested, the seller is not obligated to accept any offer


Congratulations, your offer was approved! Now what? Within 24 hours, you'll receive emails with:

  • Contact information for your transaction coordinator - your guide from this point through the closing process
  • The Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Next steps


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