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Hubzu® markets studios; single-family homes; one- to four-unit, multi-family residences; condominiums; townhomes; mixed-use properties; mobile homes and land.
No. In addition to bank-owned homes, we also market private, non-bank-owned homes, short sales and pre-foreclosures.
We market bank-owned homes, foreclosures, and short sales on our site.
The property is available for purchase if there's a Place Bid or Place Offer button on the property page.
No, properties that are marketed on Hubzu are owned by banks or by a private seller. We are the marketplace connecting buyers and sellers.
Yes, we do offer non-bank owned homes to be auctioned on Hubzu. The best way to search for these properties is to choose the 'Non-Bank Owned' filter in your search parameters. This will ensure that you only see applicable properties.
Generally the information for each property comes directly from the seller. In some instances public records are used in the property details, such as square footage and acreage. Property information provided is for reference only. It is the buyer's responsibility to verify all property information.
On the property page, if the button says Place Bid or Place Backup Bid then it's an auction. If the button says Place Offer or Place Backup Offer, then it's a traditional sale.
The Technology Fee helps cover the cost of using Hubzu's technology platform and is added to the purchase price of properties bought on Hubzu. In some cases, we are not permitted to charge a Technology Fee. If a Technology Fee is applicable to a property, it will be noted on the property details page in the Property Fees tab.
Please contact our Customer Care team via email at CustomerCare@hubzu.com or call us at 855-882-1314.


Click "Register" in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Fill out the form and submit your information to get registered.
Yes, you need to register and verify your credentials to make an offer on a property.
We require the last four digits of your Social Security number as an additional verification step to protect our customers against potential fraud. We only use this information to verify your identity and do not store the data for future use. All of the information you provide travels over an encrypted connection.
As an online real estate marketplace, it's imperative that Hubzu knows its buyers and sellers are valid parties who can be contacted during the bidding, offer or closing process. Verifying information protects all parties.
To change your profile information, sign in and go to the 'My Profile' section of your Hubzu account. Simply update the appropriate fields and click 'Save' at the bottom o the page.
The information is used to verify your identity. We do not store your Social Security number or date of birth in our database, and this information is deleted as soon as your identity is verified.
No. This is a one-time verification process. Once your information is verified, you won't be asked to repeat it.


Hubzu saves the last few searches you've made, even if you are not logged in. The recent search terms can be viewed just below the search bar in the home page.
After you search or refine your results, click the Save Search button toward the upper- right hand of a search results page. You can also edit and name your search for future reference.
You can receive email alerts when new properties become available that meet the criteria of a saved search. Simply edit the notifications setting in the 'Saved Search' table of the Buyer Dashboard to indicate the frequency with which you wish to receive the notifications.
The 'Favorite' feature, found on the property details page, keeps you updated about changes to a property's status with real-time email notifications
Click the 'Favorite' button on the search results page or the property details page and the property is saved to your Favorite Properties list in My Hubzu account. To manage these alerts, go to the 'Favorites' tab in your My Hubzu account. Please note that while we endeavor to provide you with email updates as soon as there is a status change with a property, email is inherently unreliable. If there is a property you're very interested in, you should check the Hubzu site frequently to see any changes in status, particularly when an auction cycle is close to ending. The most up-to-date information regarding a property will be on the property details page on Hubzu.


General Short Sale Questions

When a property is sold as a short sale, the seller's expected proceeds from the sale may fall short of the total amount owed to the mortgage lender or lien holders.
Due to the shortfall between the amount owed and expected proceeds, both the seller and the mortgage lender, as well as any lien holders, must approve the sale.
The seller in a short sale is the current homeowner.
Foreclosure auction properties are properties that are sold at a live public auction after the lender has gone through the necessary legal steps to engage in the sale of the property. Bank-owned properties are typically owned by a bank or other financial institution. The bank may have assumed ownership of the property after foreclosure. In a short sale, the current owner is attempting to sell the property for less than the amount they owe to the bank. The financial institution does not own the property, and the property has not been auctioned at foreclosure. Completing a short sale transaction requires the financial institution's approval.
Properties on Hubzu are classified