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You don't need a real estate agent to close on a home. Our easy-to-use online home auction marketplace simplifies the real estate process from A to Z for independent homebuyers and property investors.

Join 1.6 million users on the largest online home auction and foreclosure marketplace.
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Hubzu FAQs
QWhat is Rently and why am I being routed to a link called Rently when I want to self-tour a property marketed on Hubzu?

Rently is the technology solution that allows prospective bidders and buyers to self-tour the property. Using the self-assist solution, you are able to view the property at your convenience.

QWhy do I have to pay 99 cents?

The 99 cents is a one-time fee charged by Rently to help verify the user credentials.

QWhy do I have to verify my identity?

Identity verification is needed to make sure the property is in safe hands and only genuine buyers are viewing the properties.

QDo I have to pay 99 cents for every Hubzu property I want to view?

The initial registration and 99-cent payment will allow you to view up to 20 properties within 30 days from the date of payment.

QWhat are my obligations when self-touring a property?

Once you access a property, you are responsible for ensuring that you do not damage the property and that you conduct yourself in a prudent manner while on-site. Said another way, treat the property as you would your grandma's place. You are also responsible for ensuring that the property is fully secured once you leave. If any damages result from your viewing of the property or from your failure to properly secure it, you will be financially responsible and the seller, its asset manager or its authorized representative may seek legal action against you.

QWhat should I do if the doors, windows, or any part of the house is already damaged when I reach the property?

If you just got to a property and noticed an issue at the property, either before or after using the Rently lockbox, stop and immediately call the Hubzu Customer Care at 888-876-3372.

QOnce registered, does that mean that I can access all Hubzu properties in just about any state?

Only selected Hubzu properties in FL and NJ are available for self-touring.

QCan all Rently-secured properties be accessed at any time?

Only selected Hubzu properties in FL and NJ are available for self-touring. The self-touring timings are 8 AM to 8 PM ET.

QCan a debit card be used to pay the $0.99 registration fee?

Yes, most major debit cards can be used to pay the $.99 Rently registration fee.

QIs it possible that my touring schedule could overlap another one? What should be done if someone is still not done touring the house when I get there?

Yes, it is possible for touring schedules to overlap but it should be a rare occurrence. Since prospects can use Rently Self-Showing to go whenever they want, there will occasionally be someone looking at the property already when you arrive. In this case, we do ask that the first prospect completes their tour and checks out, returning the key to the Rently lockbox before the next prospect checks in and tours. This keeps the property secure, and protects both prospects.

QWhat happens if I forgot to put the key back?

Property visitors are requested to immediately inform Hubzu Customer Care at 888-876-3372 and access the Rently lockbox at the earliest and return the keys to the lockbox.

QWhat number do I call if I can't open the lockbox?
QWhat do I do if the key is missing?

Call Hubzu Customer Care 888-876-3372.

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