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How to start listing

Register free as a listing agent

Enter your info and license details

We’ll quickly verify your credentials and notify you when you’re ready to list.

How to start listing

You’re almost there

Sign in and enter your license details in the agent dashboard

We’ll quickly verify your credentials and notify you when you’re ready to list

How to start listing

Sign in

You're ready to go

How to start listing

Sign in

Go to your agent dashboard
and create a listing

How to start listing

You're ready to go

Introducing Hubzu's direct to broker program

We help you build your referral base and simplify the sales process, giving you time for more leads, more clients, more closings and more commissions.

How it works


add your listing

  • Complete registration & sign in

    It takes just a few minutes

  • Go to your dashboard to get started

    Select My Hubzu - Listing

    Agent from the My Hubzu

    drop down at the top of the page

    Choose Create a Listing

    from the left menu

  • Decide how to list

    Automatically with

    ListHub™ Here's How


    Manually add a listing


Review & approve bids

  • Monitor

    Track bids and check the status of listings in real time from your Hubzu Agent Dashboard

    Plus, we email
    you instant

  • Review

    Auctions: we notify you

    that the auction is over
    and send you the winning
    bid to review

    Traditional sales:

    you consider offers

    individually as they

    come in

  • Approve

    You approve or reject

    the final bid/offer


close the deal


    that you’ve approved the

    final bid or offer and which

    fees are due to Hubzu at


  • We send
    instructions to
    the closing agent

    indicating that the buyer

    fees go on the HUD-1

  • you coordinate

    with the
    buyer’s agent



    You’ve sold with


To help you sell faster, each Hubzu listing starts with an auction in 44 states plus DC.
When the auction ends, you can choose to re-list the property via auction or traditional sale.


You set the starting bid, reserve price and auction length

Bids are submitted for a set period of time

Choose whether to offer Own It Now, giving buyers a chance to instantly become the winning bidder

You decide whether to accept the final bid

We’re working on setting up auctions in additional locations. For now, listings in KY, NE, NH, PA, RI
and SC will be a traditional sale.

Faqs & helpful tips

Why a Hubzu auction? The top 5 reasons.

Sell 3X faster
Sales time is slashed to an average of 16 days for Hubzu auctions.

Keep 100% of your commission
Hubzu is free for you and your seller, plus there’s no change to your commission agreement.

More bids, more offers
Our users average 20 bids per property thanks to sophisticated marketing efforts and premium relationships with leading real estate websites.

Hubzu helps you grow your business
We help expand your client base by pairing you with unrepresented buyers searching for expert help.

You’re in control
At the end of every auction, you decide whether to accept or reject the highest bid.

What types of properties can I sell on Hubzu?

You can list all types of residential property, including multi-family properties with 4 or fewer units.

How do I add a listing?

Get started in a few simple steps:
     1.  Sign In or Register as a listing agent.
     2.  Select "My Hubzu - Listing Agent" from the My Hubzu drop down.
     3.  Choose "Create a Listing" from the left menu on your My Hubzu page and follow the prompts.

How do I determine the reserve price?

Work with your seller to determine the minimum price they’ll accept for the property. Set that as your reserve price.

How long does an auction last?

You control how long every auction lasts. Select from 7, 14, 21 or 28 days.

Does it cost me anything to list on Hubzu?

Listing with Hubzu is free for agents, brokers and the home owner. All fees are paid by the buyer.

What does it cost to buy and sell on Hubzu?

Selling on Hubzu is free for agents, brokers and the home owner. If you’re buying on Hubzu you pay a nominal technology fee and with Hubzu auctions, a buyer’s premium.

What’s the difference between a bid and an offer?

Bids and offers are essentially the same. The only real difference is that you place a bid in an auction and you submit an offer in traditional sales.

Do I have to add an MLS number when I list on Hubzu?

No, but since 95% of offers are submitted by agents and the MLS # affects commissions, it’s a smart idea to include.

What’s on the agent dashboard?

The dashboard is designed to be the command center for agents. It has everything from important status updates and action items to offer and bid updates.

How do I monitor my auctions?

It’s all clearly displayed right on your agent dashboard. Plus, we’ll send you real-time email notifications throughout the auction process.

What is the commission for the buyer's agent?

We suggest reaching out to the listing agent. The commission is whatever was agreed to by the seller in the listing contract.

What if there is no buyer's agent?

You receive the full commission as listed in the contract with your seller.

What should my seller know about auctions?

Sell faster
Our auction platform is engineered to produce faster sales than a traditional transaction.

Free for you and your seller
The buyer pays Hubzu a nominal fee.

You're still their agent
Their contract with you remains the same.

You and your seller retain control of every sale
You review and can approve or reject the final bid.

What if I need help/have additional questions?

Hubzu has a dedicated agent support team ready to help you. Email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us

Hubzu Direct to Broker makes it easier for you to sell your listings online. Once registered, you have access to sales and property management tools built to help listing agents and real estate brokers like you sell property online. It’s easy to add your real estate listings for sale on Hubzu. For both home auctions and traditional sales, you can either manually list homes or, if your Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has an agreement with ListHubTM, automatically upload your property listings.

After you add a house for sale, the Hubzu Direct to Broker agent dashboard makes it easy to manage the property. Hubzu lets buyers submit offers online. That means you can receive and review offers online from a new home buyer 24/7.

Hubzu uses aggressive real estate marketing tools to promote your properties. Hubzu online real estate marketing campaigns help generate motivated buyer leads for all types of properties including luxury home listings, new construction and foreclosure properties. What's more, with hundreds of views per property, Hubzu Direct to Broker can generate more real estate seller leads and even first time home buyer leads.

If you encounter any problems with Hubzu Direct to Broker, you can always reach out to our customer service team at and find helpful answers in the Hubzu Help Center.

List Automatically with ListHub™ if:

  • Your brokerage or MLS has an agreement with ListHub™
  • You want to import multiple listings

List Manually if:

  • Your brokerage or MLS doesn’t have an agreement with ListHub™
  • You want to individually customize listings


  • AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, IA, IN, KS, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, ND, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WV, WY. Plus, DC!


  • GA, HI, ID, IL, KY, ME, NH, NC, OK, PA, RI, SC, WI

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