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How Hubzu Home Buying Works

1. Find a Home and Arrange a Tour

  • Explore Hubzu's listings
  • Register to save and watch your favorites
  • Ask your agent to schedule a showing*
  • No agent? Request a tour via the "Visit" link
    *Tours are not permitted for bank-owned occupied properties.

2. Submit your Bid/Offer

  • Place your bid/offer online or have your agent do it for you
  • Monitor bids and offers others are making
  • Get instant updates from Hubzu
  • Check for instructions once your bid or offer is accepted

3. Sign the Contract

  • Depending on the sale type, Hubzu or your agent provides the contract
  • All parties sign the contract (the Purchase and Sale Agreement, or PSA)
  • All parties sign supplementary documents, such as state-specific addendums
  • Send your Earnest Money Deposit according to PSA instructions

4. Close the Deal

  • The property's details page outlines the closing process for your purchase
  • Your agent and the listing agent arrange for inspections, if permitted
  • Your PSA specifies how the closing costs are paid
  • Hubzu fees (Technology Fee and/or Buyer's Premium) are paid at closing